Wild Bear MTB Stage Race

National Park Tara, Serbia

The first edition of the Wild Bear MTB stage was an epic MTB experience for all the teams and riders who came to Tara National park in Serbia where they had an opportunity to ride through the picturesque landscapes, explore hidden corners of untouched nature spots, but also enjoy local hospitality, cuisine and touristic landmarks.

If you missed the first edition don’t worry because all of that was just a warm up and rest assured that next September will be a month to remember! 

From 7-10 September 2023 Tara National park will be the epicenter of the best mountain biking and will host the best riders from all over the world.

Three stages, teams of two, epic MTB terrains – in one word “Wild Bear MTB stage race”

4 days, 7-10.september 2023


Race in pairs
145km distance
4022m climbing
Serbia / NP Tara

Registration for the “Wild Bear MTB Stage Race” is done online via www.prijavazatrku.rs and will be open on January 30, 2023.