Stage 2


After experiencing the glimpse of beauty that Tara National Park has to offer to you and your team you will simply fall in love with these beautiful landscapes. 

Stage 2 will be the longest in terms of kilometers and also it will get you to the most remote parts of Tara National Park. It will combine everything that you need for a good mtb race day. Super cool single tracks, fast paved roads, forest paths and technical terrains. 

We start from Mitrovac and then we go straight to Predov Krst and Jagostica passing close to Drina gorge, deep into the land of bears and untouched wildlife. You ride next to Pancic spruce, a tree so rare that it can only be found in a few places in the world. 

You will ride next to the most iconic viewpoints of Tara National Park, like Banjska Stena and Sjenic, but you will definitely want to come again to these mesmerizing sights since you will ride fast in those sections. 

After finishing stage 2 you will feel like you’ve seen everything but don’t be fooled though, because stage 3 will bring you some more action and more natural beauty. 

Download the final route for the 2023 Wild Bear MTB Stage Race from the following link:  Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.


Venue: Tara  National Park / Bajina Bašta / Serbia;
Race date: September 9, 2023;
Start time: 10:00 am;
Start and finish location: Mitrovac na Tari;
Lenght: 59,7 km;
Altitude difference: 1789 m;
Time limit: 6 h;
Feed zone: 5 + 1 at the finish line;


Map and profile: